Friday, March 05, 2010

Ohio Husband Fights No-Fault Divorce

Either his wife committed fraud on their wedding day and tricked him into marriage, or she intended to be married in conformity with the rules of their church. If she committed fraud, the parties were never really married and the court can't take away his property and force him to pay alimony.

-- From "Christian Husband with Covenant Marriage Agreement vs. Routine No-Fault Divorce" by Bai MacFarlane, posted at Spero News 3/3/10

A Christian husband is citing Ohio Law to protect his family from no-fault divorce. Months ago, Paul Neumann was fully supporting his stay-at-home wife and their daughter in their North Olmsted home. Now he is a defendant in Cuyahoga County divorce court. He sumbitted his wife's signed wedding covenant agreement to the court because she promised to uphold her obligations in accordance with the "Commandments of God given in His Word" and "the divine laws and ordinance for the governance of marriage."

In Ohio, argues Neumann, it is criminal for Christian pastors to conduct wedding ceremonies without requiring couples to get a state marriage license. Ohio Law specifies that parties can marry in conformity with the rules of their church.

"We wanted a Christian marriage" Neumann said in and interview. "I'm shocked that another Bible believing Christian would bring the world into my marriage rather those in the church who are experts in resolving marital conflict according to the 6000 year principles of God's Word."

If Neumann's wife actually married him, according to Ohio law, she is contractually obligated to be respectful, faithful and supportive of Paul. Further, Neumann's wife is required by law to support him with her labor and property. Supporting one's spouse with labor and property could simply mean doing her share of household chores, raising their daughter, or bringing in money to support the family.

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