Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Culture War is Over! Liberals Declare Victory

As American public opinion shifts to the right, the liberal media has launched its latest battle tactic in the Culture War: Announce loudly that the Democrats have won the war!  Such propaganda could be effective because the Republicans are pretending that there is no Culture War, withdrawing from the conflict.

For background, read how Republican Party platforms now support abortion and "gay marriage," and read about GOP leaders who shun moral values to win elections.  This is the GOP Strategy: Dump Old Uneducated Christian Voters

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-- From "Democrats Put Cultural Issues in Their Quiver" by Jonathan Martin, New York Times 9/15/14

After a generation of campaigns in which Republicans exploited wedge issues to win close elections, Democrats are now on the offensive in the culture wars.

Democrats see social issues as potent for the same reasons Republicans once did, using them as a tool to both stoke concerns among moderate voters, especially women, and motivate their base.

. . . there is little indication so far that the Democrats’ push on social issues is motivating cultural conservatives to respond.

Some Republicans believe that the Democrats’ reliance on cultural issues in politically moderate states underlines the structural challenges that Republicans face with voters.

An electorate reshaped by a growing presence of liberal millennials, minorities, and a secular, unmarried and educated white voting bloc will most likely force Republicans to recalibrate.

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From "Why Democrats Are So Confident" by Ronald Brownstein, posted at National Journal 7/2/14

While Republicans took the offense on most cultural arguments through the late 20th century, now Democrats from Obama on down are mostly pressing these issues, confident that they represent an expanding majority of public opinion.

Beyond contraception and immigration, the parties are escalating their conflicts over a broad suite of issues that divide the electorate along cultural lines, including gun control, gay rights, abortion, and climate change (which politically pivots on trust in science). Combined, these confrontations are stamping the GOP as what I've called a "Coalition of Restoration" primarily representing older, white, religiously devout, and nonurban voters who fear that hurtling change is undermining traditional American values. Democrats in turn are championing a younger, more urbanized, diverse, and secular "Coalition of Transformation" that welcomes the evolution in America's racial composition and cultural mores.

Reversing their frequent ambivalence after the 1960s, Democrats are now following their president [Obama] into an unswerving embrace of cultural and demographic change. That shift reverberates through Obama's defiant recent pledges to act unilaterally if necessary to ensure equal workplace treatment of gays, protect undocumented immigrants, confront climate change, and overcome the Hobby Lobby decision allowing religious-based private companies to exclude contraception from their health insurance plans.

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From "Morning Plum: Are Dems now winning the culture wars?" by Greg Sargent, Washington Post 9/16/14

In multiple Senate races, Democrats are hammering Republican candidates over contraception and “Personhood,” a development that many observers interpret as a sign that Dems are now the ones on offense in the culture wars.

A new ad blitz from Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS nicely captures the emerging dynamic. Colorado GOP Senate candidate Cory Gardner has been treated to the most direct and sustained assault over Personhood of any GOP candidate, and a new Crossroads ad appears designed to defend Gardner against it with an appeal to female voters.

Yet the ad does this only by changing the subject. . . . The ad never mentions Personhood or contraception. Instead, it obliquely refers to Dem attacks as “political scare tactics,” even as the featured women declare they want “a real conversation about issues that matter,” such as the economy. But, as Rebecca Berg writes, this ad actually “underscores the challenge Republicans have faced this year appealing to women voters.”

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From "Oral Contraceptive Republicans" by George Neumayr, The American Spectator 9/10/14

The Left’s relentless “war on women” campaign is producing some odd results, one of which is the emergence of Republicans who champion over-the-counter contraceptives. . . .

It is a measure of the Left’s progress in the culture war that the architect of Republican support for over-the-counter contraceptives is a Catholic, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who in 2012 wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed in favor it. According to Time, “Jindal’s political aides, and many GOP operatives, believe birth control is a gateway issue for women voters. While the politics of abortion have remained consistently split, Republicans fear being cast as anti-birth control could cost them a generation of women voters. ‘It’s often an immediate shutdown,’ said one Jindal aide.”

The Left should rejoice that “socially conservative” Catholics like Jindal have become enthusiasts for a position Catholic teaching regards as sinful. This will make it even easier for the Left to dismiss the Church’s stance as too “irrational” to warrant religious-freedom protection. It is hard to imagine Republicans who favor over-the-counter contraceptives serving as reliable defenders of the Church’s religious freedom over time. If Obama’s original contraceptive mandate became overwhelmingly popular, wouldn’t they end up supporting that too in the name of retaining women voters?

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From "The Culture Wars, Then and Now" by Daniel J. Solomon, The Harvard Crimson 9/15/14

How did the left win the culture wars? That answer depends on how much thoughtfulness we impute to the American electorate. Often, when voters sour on the specific policies of Republicans or Democrats, they move away from the party as a whole. Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign, for example, turned on economic questions, but he gained his initial following thanks to his timely denunciations of the Iraq war. The polling data suggests as much. Between 2005 and 2008, the decline in President Bush’s approval rating—which fell as the news from Iraq grew grimmer—was correlated with a rise in public support for the social acceptance of homosexuality.

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