Saturday, November 20, 2010

School OKs Same-sex Marriage T-shirt

Whereas Christians must battle their schools in court for the constitutional right to wear T-shirts with conservative moral messages, a Colorado school granted an immoral and offensive T-shirt message in a heartbeat.

-- From "'Marriage Is So Gay' T-Shirt Allowed Back In School" by Alan Gathright, ABC-TV7NEWS Content Producer (Denver) 11/16/10

Officials are allowing a Falcon High School student to wear a "Marriage Is So Gay" T-shirt after the American Civil Liberties Union called a principal's ban censorship.

Principal Mark Carara told Senior Kate Cohn to change the T-shirt when she wore it to school on Election Day. He said it was offensive and violated a school dress code banning apparel that is potentially disruptive to the academic environment, the ACLU said in a Tuesday news release.

Later that day, Carara explained to the girl's parents that he told Cohn to change the T-shirt because it was comparable to clothing promoting drug or alcohol use, the ACLU said.

[Then] the district did an about-face, deciding Cohn can wear the gay rights message.

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From "Falcon High allows gay-marriage T-shirt after ACLU heat" By Electa Draper, The Denver Post 11/17/10

"It was determined today the student is entitled to wear it," school district spokeswoman Stephanie Meredith said.

Kate said she asked her principal why he had changed his mind. He told her it was "because lawyers got involved," she said, and that was all he would discuss with her.

The Colorado ACLU sent the letter to school administrators Monday demanding they rescind the prohibition against the shirt by the end of the week or ACLU attorneys would consider the appropriate next steps.

Since 1969, the Supreme Court has held that students don't "shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gates."

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