Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Newt for President?

Republicans have been grappling for a "good" candidate to run for president in '08. Some feel Newt Gingrich has the "right stuff" to lead the charge, but others are concerned about his private behavior. Here are my thoughts on the matter:

It was Newt's personal bad behavior that caused him to be virtually silent in the wake of the Clinton scandals. Conservatives in DC who know the details will never support him. If a man cannot be faithful to his family...twice...who can he be faithful to... His country? His office? If we understood we could not trust Clinton for this reason, how could Newt Gingrich get a pass?

Much of the scandal in Washington is a result of the loss of morality among people who once held a high standard....immasculated from taking action because they too are guilty of some private sin. It is a disease overtaking government, as we learned when Clinton was elected for a second time, and the country as well. Do we throw away standards and allow the Bill Clintons and the Newt Gingriches and the Mark Foleys and the Barney Franks to behave in any way they see fit, or do we embrace the standard, hold people to account...including ourselves...and restore the sanity that comes from restraint and self-control?

Moral chaos breeds social and economic chaos. We are all tempted in one way or another and most of us have given in in ways in which we are not proud. But to live in that behavior is to embrace foolishness which breeds bad decisions in every area. Consider California...and Illinois for that matter, led by morally reprobate people whose decisions bare the mark of that in al.

High moral standards are not a restriction, but instead prevent bondage to our depravity. One is not free who constantly craves sexual gratification...heterosexual or homosexual. One is not free who spends every waking moment pursuing sex on the internet or viewing the lewdness it has to offer. One is not free who can't say "no" to alcohol or drugs, but one IS free who confines himself to the love of spouse and family. High moral standards bring clarity...self-control, and establish a foundation upon which good decisions can be made. Is there anyone left who holds to them? For the sake of our nation and our state, I hope so.