Sunday, September 24, 2006

Swiss Euthanasia Group Demands Assisted Suicide for the Depressed

LONDON, September 22, 2006 ( – The Swiss suicide organization that has helped to kill at least 54 British clients and uncounted others from around Europe, is in a test case in the country’s Supreme Court arguing that people suffering from depression or who are “tired of life” should be able to legally use the facility to end their lives.

Ludwig Minelli, the founder of Dignitas, the Zurich-based organisation said his group was seeking to overturn the Swiss law that allows them to assist only people with a terminal illness.

Following in the wake of the international conference of the Right to Die movement in Toronto earlier this month, the move has come as no surprise to euthanasia opponents, who say it has always been part of the plan to make assisted suicide and euthanasia legal for anyone who wants it.

Euthanasia advocate, Jonquière, argued that a subtler method will be to have euthanasia legalized in the Netherlands for people who are "tired of living,” using the language of compassion and caring.

Following the movement’s strong anti-Catholic sentiments, Minelli blamed “religion” for stigmatising suicide, attacking this “stupid ecclesiastical superstition” against suicide and euthanasia.

Schadenberg told that a leading theme of the Toronto conference was the movement’s hatred for Christianity and Catholicism in particular which it sees as the only credible opposition to their goals.