Tuesday, October 14, 2014

D.C. Media Twist Prayer Event into Liberal Agenda

Thousands of praying Christians from hundreds of Bible-believing churches near Washington D.C., and from across the nation, gathered on Columbus Day at the Lincoln Memorial to pray to God for revival and to heal our land from its wayward path (2 Chron. 7:14), but the mainstream media reported that it was a gathering to promote an anything-but-biblical, liberal utopian worldview.

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-- From "DC area churches pray on National Mall" posted at WUSA-TV9 (Washington D.C.) 10/13/14

People from churches across D.C., Maryland and Virginia met on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at 1 p.m. "to pray about ways to meet the needs of the city and its people".

The prayer was led by Bishop Alfred Owens Jr. from Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church, Pastor Lon Solomon from McLean Bible Church, Pastor Steve King from Cherrydale Baptist Church, Pastor Carlos PeƱaloza from Ekkelsia USA and Pastor Eung Yul Ryoo Korean Central Presbyterian Church.

U.S. Park Police estimated that there were 5,000 in attendance, according to a McLean Bible spokesperson.

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From "Crowds gather for Christian prayer service at Lincoln Memorial" by Jeff Goldberg, John Gonzalez, WJLA-TV (Washington D.C.) 10/13/14

The service drew church-goers of multiple denominations from Washington, Virginia and Maryland. It focused on issues facing the city including homelessness and problems facing underserved communities, such as the elderly and disabled.

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From "Churches Cry for Nat'l Revival at Lincoln Memorial" by Paul Strand, Washington Sr. Correspondent, Christian Broadcasting Network 10/14/14

Lon Solomon, senior pastor of the McLean Bible Church, declared near the start of the Washington Prayer Gathering its plan and goal.

"We are here today to confess our sins and the sins of our churches and the sins of our city to the Lord Jesus Christ," the mega-church pastor said, "and then to pray that in response, the way He promised, that He will fall on our city."

Pastor Symonette summed up, "If we can accomplish something great here by bringing churches together here in the nation's capital, were hoping it'll overflow into the rest of the country."

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