Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Male Girl Scout Thrills Media: Selling Transgender

The liberal media is avidly reporting the "fantastic news" of 9-year-old Stormi, a boy whose foster mother dresses him as a girl, for selling thousands of Girl Scout Cookies online to sexual revolutionaries.  The boy from Herrin, in downstate Illinois, struck out selling door-to-door after his neighbor told him, "Nobody wants to buy cookies from a boy in a dress."

So, what will the media report once this 52-year-old man, who says he's a 6-year-old girl, goes door-to-door?

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-- From "Transgender Illinois Girl Scout sells thousands of boxes of cookies despite hateful remark and social media trolls" by Tobias Salinger, New York Daily News 2/3/16

Stormi was knocking on doors with her foster mother [Kim] last month when a man at one home expressed opposition to the Girl Scouts of America’s inclusive policies by insulting a little girl.

. . . “Stormi’s Cookie World,” her online shop, has passed its goal of selling over 2,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, the site showed Tuesday night. Stormi’s family is donating cookies to “local foster kids like me,” she wrote on the site.

The Girl Scouts have allowed transgender girls to join since 2011, CNN reported last spring. The right-wing American Family Association started a petition in May saying Girl Scouts of America has “lost its moral compass” and accusing it of a new policy saying “Boys dressing as girls can join.” Over 40,000 people had signed Tuesday night.

The national organization's official policy states it places transgender girls on a "case-by-case basis" and that the organization can serve them with a safe setting if the child lives as a girl and is recognized as one by friends and family. Jay Strobel, a spokesman for Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois, told The Washington Post Stormi’s efforts are “amazing” in an interview.

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From "Transgender Girl Scout stands up to bully who wouldn’t buy cookies ‘from a boy in a dress’" by Lindsey Bever, Washington Post 2/2/16

Stormi started selling her cookies through the Girl Scouts’s online portal, Digital Cookies, last week. . . .

Supporters have rallied around Stormi’s cause.

A New York-based comedy duo gave people who bought Stormi’s cookies free admission to a show. A California multimedia musical agreed to donate a box for every ticket sold.

An LGBTQ support group in Idaho sent out a call for support, too. . . .

After a troop in Colorado admitted a 7-year-old transgender girl in 2011, several Girl Scout troops in Louisiana disbanded in protest and a California teen called for a boycott.

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