Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Court Rules NO 'Gay Marriage' Obligation on States

Although many European nations have blazed the trail for "gay rights," of the 47 nations that comprise the Council of Europe, only eleven recognize same-sex "marriage," and a recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights has struck a new blow to advancement of the Gay Agenda.

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-- From "European court strikes down transgender marriage case" by Nikolaj Nielsen, EU Observer 7/16/14

A Finnish citizen who wanted the state to recognise her new gender after surgery and remain legally married to woman at the same time lost her case at the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights on Wednesday (16 July).

Heil Hamalainen underwent male-to-female gender reassignment surgery in 2009, years after she married her partner.

But Finnish law does not recognise same-sex marriages.

State authorities said that for Hamalainen to have her new gender recognised, she would need to turn the marriage into a civil partnership or get a divorce - something the couple refused.

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From "European Court Of Human Rights Deals Blow To Trans Rights And Marriage Equality" by J. Lester Feder, BuzzFeed Staff 7/17/14

. . . After losing challenges in Finnish courts, they took the fight to the European Court of Human Rights, which has jurisdiction over the 47 states that have agreed to the European Convention on Human Rights including countries outside the European Union like Turkey and Russia.

. . . The ruling is not only a blow to the couple, but could have important implications for trans rights and marriage equality movements across Europe. The Italian Constitutional Court ducked a chance to rule in favor of marriage equality last month in a similar case, instead ordering parliament to create “a different form of registered partnership” that is “not the same as marriage” that would also allow trans people to keep legal protections for their unions after undergoing gender reassignment.

. . . The ruling also signals that the court is unlikely to revisit previous rulings that same-sex couples have no right to marry under European human rights law.

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From "Court: ‘No Obligation’ Under European Convention to Allow Same-Sex Marriage" posted at CNSNews.com 7/21/14

The European Convention on Human Rights “enshrines the traditional concept of marriage as between a man and a woman,” and there is ”no obligation on Contracting States to grant same-sex couples access to marriage,” the European Court of Human Rights ruled last Wednesday.

Article 12 of the European Convention, which governs the Council of Europe, states that “men and women of marriageable age have the right to marry and to found a family, according to the national laws governing the exercise of this right.”

“While it is true that some Contracting States have extended marriage to same-sex partners, Article 12 cannot be construed as imposing an obligation on the Contracting States to grant access to marriage to same-sex couples,” noted the majority opinion in Hämäläinen v. Finland.

The Court ruled that since a registered partnership “was a genuine option which provided legal protection for same-sex couples that was almost identical to that of marriage,” Hämäläinen’s rights had not been violated.

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