Thursday, July 05, 2007

Parents Rights Submerged by MD County's Sex-Ed Program

From "Parental rights submerged by MD county's sex-ed decision" by Jim Brown, posted 7/5/07 at

The Christian legal group Liberty Counsel says it is considering whether to file another federal lawsuit challenging a sex-education program in Maryland's largest school district.

(<- click for audio) In the 17-page opinion, the state panel said it would not "second-guess the appropriateness" of the curriculum. It also claimed that the right of parents to control their children's upbringing "is not absolute" and "must bend to the state's duty to educate its citizens."

Excuse me?

This is becoming a pattern everywhere - including MA where 12 'pro-family legislators' recently destroyed parents rights and our own District 214. Government educators know 'what's best for our children' and parents wishes are considered irrelevant.

It's not only maddening, it's a dangerous precedent reminiscent of the some of the most repressive regimes in the world. Our children becoming virtual wards of the state...

Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver says such a claim is contrary to common sense and American history. "Schools should not be an adversary to the parent," he says; "they should be an extension of the parents' wishes -- because, after all, they are engaged in helping the parent bring up the child in the parents' value system."

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