Sunday, March 21, 2010

HIV Infections Rampant Among Homosexuals

. . . a new report out from the CDC . . . finds new HIV cases among homosexuals is more than 44 [times] that of heterosexual men and more than 40 times that of women.

-- From "New HIV Infections Increasing Among Homosexuals, Drug Abusers and Prostitutes" by Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press 3/16/10

New HIV infections are increasing among homosexuals, drug users and prostitutes who don't seek help because of laws that criminalize these practices, the head of the U.N. AIDS agency said Monday.

[Michel Sidibe, the head of UNAIDS] told a group of journalists at a luncheon hosted by the United Nations Foundation that in countries from China to Kenya and Malawi, about 33 percent of new HIV infections are in men having sex with men, a significant increase.

Even in the United States, where laws are not restrictive and the gay community was the first to tackle AIDS, Sidibe said it is "shocking" that more than 50 percent of new HIV infections last year occurred among homosexuals. And he said in the 19-25 age bracket the infection rate was even higher.

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From "New CDC Report: HIV Rate 44 Times Higher Among Homosexuals" By Bob Ellis, Dakota Voice 3/17/10

For some time now it has been public knowledge (but not common knowledge, since the “mainstream” media is oddly silence on the staggering disease rates in the homosexual community) that Centers for Disease Control (CDC) figures show that 72% of male AIDS cases are associated with homosexual activity…while a survey commissioned by the pro-homosexual group Human Rights Campaign found that only 2.9% of the population is homosexual. The fact that homosexuals also have much higher infection rates from most other types of STDs, as well as hepatitis, anal cancer, depression, substance abuse, suicide and more.

From the March 10, 2010 CDC press release:
A data analysis released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention underscores the disproportionate impact of HIV and syphilis among gay and bisexual men in the United States.

The data, presented at CDC’s 2010 National STD Prevention Conference, finds that the rate of new HIV diagnoses among men who have sex with men (MSM) is more than 44 times that of other men and more than 40 times that of women.

The range was 522-989 cases of new HIV diagnoses per 100,000 MSM vs. 12 per 100,000 other men and 13 per 100,000 women.

The rate of primary and secondary syphilis among MSM is more than 46 times that of other men and more than 71 times that of women, the analysis says. The range was 91-173 cases per 100,000 MSM vs. 2 per 100,000 other men and 1 per 100,000 women.
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